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Another water pound for you :)

The best way to attract frogs is to find out what kind of habitat your native frogs like and try to recreate that habitat in your yard. You may be able to get information on native frog species from your state or provincial wildlife or natural resources department. Here are some general tips to help you build a frog-friendly pond:

Building a Frog-Friendly Pond

Having frogs in the garden is definitely a worthy goal: frogs will help keep down insect populations as well as sernade you with their lovely songs. However, the best way to share your garden with frogs is to simply build a frog-friendly pond, rather than buying frogs to put in the pond. Frogs are hard to contain, so re-creating their natural habitat is the best way to attract them and keep them from wandering off in search of more frog-friendly surroundings. Keep in mind, if you live in an area or climate where frogs are not often seen, the chances of attracting frogs is obviously slim. However, in these areas, bringing in frogs is not likely to work either, because frogs do not naturally thrive in those conditions.

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friendly frog disse...

That's a beautiful pond!!! This old frog would definitely be in there serenading his princess.

Frog Kissin'
by Chet Atkins

Do you remember in the fairy tale?
How the wicked witches spell changed the handsome prince to a toad
Thru the power of her potion she handed him the notion
That he was lower than the dirt in the road
And though she left him green and warted her evil plan was thwarted
When there chanced to happen by a young miss
Who in spite of his complexion offered her affection
And broke the wicked curse with her kiss

Well if you’ve never been a frog kissin
Then you don’t know what you’ve been missing
There’s a world of opportunity under each and every log
If you’ve never been a charm breaker
And if you’ve never been a handsome prince maker
Just a slow down turn around bend down
And kiss you a frog

Once upon a time ago
I was down and feelin low
Like a lonely frog in a pond
Life was just a joke
And I was very near a crokin
I was zapped by life’s wicked wand
Then in the depth’s of my depression
There came a true expression
From a love from a lady so sweet
She gave warm fuzzy feelings
Feelings that were healing
And knocked me of my little web feet


There’s a happy ever after land
Even in the heart of man
Where a prince or princess abide
But all we get are glimpses
Of the handsome prince or princess
Cause there covered by a green warty hide
And thou there full of life’s potential
There lackin one essential
To enable them to shine like a star
And that’s to have some guy or misses
Smother them with kisses
And love them while there just like they are

And that’s the secret of frog kissin
And you can do it to
If you just listen
Just slow down turn around bend down
And kiss you a frog

bended down princess disse...

Princess will definitely kiss you green shiny star!

Anónimo disse...

Great Chet Atkins!!