sábado, 31 de maio de 2008

Don´t forget your sun protector!!!!


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George Townboy disse...

I can see myself with green down one side, blue down the other, and a neat little yellow stripe down the middle! Nobody would give me a second look, lol.

What is this, an ad for a soccer team?

cocabixinhos disse...

For the mundial league.

You would be a star with everyone looking at you!

cocabixinhos disse...

You are daltonic. Its green, red and yellow, colors of the flag.

George Townboy disse...

Daltonic?? Does that mean drunk??

I was painting on the colors of the Coca Bixinhos flag ... your favorite colors, separated by a thin line of yellow for special effect!!


cocabixinhos disse...

sometimes I just make up the words. LOL

coca had no flag, so I did not understand the relationship.
but I'll take that, blue and green, the color of the world :)
Thank you!!

George Townboy disse...

You have your own vocabulary, lol!! I love the word - I goo.gled it and found Daltonic Gin, so I figured it had to have something to do with a little too much booze!

And, you are welcome!!

cocabixinhos disse...

Lol :)

I meant people that canot see colours like they are. they see blue insted of green and they dress funny!