quarta-feira, 14 de maio de 2008

Me Vain?

How to Be Photogenic

Do you dislike having your picture taken because you always seem to come out looking hideous? Have you ever been on a date with someone whose online photo knocked you out but whose appearance in real life turned out to be a bit uninspiring? What’s the deal with pictures? While being photogenic just comes naturally to some people, there are a few things that anyone can do to look better in photos. Try out the tricks in this article and stop running for cover whenever the camera comes out.

4 comentários:

George Townboy disse...

What a cute duck!! She must have read the wiki article!!

What a riot! I got a lot of good tips out of that ... smile with your eyes, get rid of your double chin by looking down, relax, lol!!!

Very cool!

cocabixinhos disse...

Now you can train it and show us!!

George Townboy disse...

You can see me now: "No, no, no, Duck. The wiki article says walk like this!"

Anónimo disse...

Bem ... vou investigar o que se aprende por ali ... o patola, esse não tem problemas de fotogenia!