quarta-feira, 28 de maio de 2008

Kiss Me!!

The front door of the Zoo :)
You are everywere!!

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sweet old frog disse...

Beautiful!! The photo is fantastic. The Frog is handsome! I can see him as a Prince!!

frog kisser disse...

Isn't that you sweetie??
I almost kissed the wrong one :)

sweet old prince disse...

That is me!! I forgot that I posed for the banner!

cocabixinhos disse...

Thats better coz it tasted really sweet!!

even sweeter old prince disse...


Funny that they have a bilingual poster.

let me kiss you again disse...

Sweet tasty prince: Lisbon events are not made for Portuguese!
Everything here is bilingual or trilingual. Some parts of Algarve they only serve you if you speek english!!

the kissed frog disse...

Wow!! Sounds like discrimination, lol.

What would be the third language?

the kissed frog LOVER disse...

French or german, depends of the places.



George Townboy disse...

It's amazing how many languages there are in Europe.