sábado, 17 de maio de 2008

Gulbenkian - The amphitheater

Here you are Claudia!

More to come, I didnt want to bore people at Lisbon Daily.

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George Townboy disse...

So, the lady on the left says to the lady on the right, "I like to be early for the show!! What's wrong with that?"

And the lady on the right responds, "I'm from Lisbon, I get bored easily!"

So, to that the other lady says, "Well you can just go to Coca Bixinhos!! Nobody get bored over there!"

Thanks for posting this, I love it. Have you ever gone to an event there?

cocabixinhos disse...

:) A typical portuguese never ever gets on time anywere!

I did a few, sometimes in the afternoons I assist groups trainning. Most of the time I dont go because I just get company to see jazz and I dont like it.

George Townboy disse...

Never on time!! LOL

How about you, are you typical?

I'm not crazy about jazz either!

Uma por Dia disse...

I'm more than typical! My work begins at 9 am and I start taking shower at that time, But no one says me nothing anymore because of it, I never was on time in my whole life!

Louis la Vache disse...

"Louis" has heard many classical recordings made by the Gulbenkian Foundation Orchestra. He had no idea there is also a Gulbenkian amphitheater. The things you learn by wandering around the internet.... :-)

Uma por Dia disse...

Hi Louis, Gulbenkian has more than one amphitheater, you can chek it out here: http://www.gulbenkian.org/english/main.asp
It is a great foundation and if you are interested in seeing some photos just visit my other blog.

Louis la Vache disse...

"Louis" will visit both your other blog and the Gulbenkian link! "Louis" thanks you for visiting San Francisco Bay Daily Photo. "Louis" also writes a blog about French history, culture and cuisine, The Frog Blog of Louis la Vache and a recipe blog (mostly French cuisine), LesRecettes de Louis la Vache

Uma por Dia disse...

History, culture and cusine sounds interesting, so as the frog blog!
Nice pic!