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Where Islam meets Christianity

Pretty little Mértola is a riverside town with a long history as a trading port, and strolling around its sleepy cobbled lanes is like entering a time warp.

Its white parish church, topped with conical decorations, was converted from a mosque in the 12th century, and still retains a strong Islamic feel in its horseshoe arches and mihrab (prayer niche) facing east to Mecca.

Above the church looms the town's ruined 13th century castle, with bird's-eye views of the entire town and river, and maybe even of the rare black stork or the lesser kestrel, a splendid falcon that is near extinction.

There are several small musems scattered around town with Roman and Islamic finds, including the country's best collection of Portuguese Islamic art made up of ceramics, coins, and jewelry.

The "Islamic Festival" that takes place every two years in May recreates the Islamic period of the town with music, exhibitions, and a street market. Those who wish to experience it may reach Mértola by bus from Beja. [*]

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George Townboy disse...

Ahhh, yes!! I see it!! The Leaning Tower Of Mertola!!


Gorgeous pictures ... what a beautiful place!

Thank you for getting rid of the Word Verification ... it was driving me nuts, and I can't afford to go any more crazier than I already am!

Coca disse...


Why didnt you tell it before? I didnt knew that until I whet to Quintarantino blog, then I came back here to see the settings.

Uma por Dia disse...

Not a tower, read above!!

George Townboy disse...

I meant to say something about the Word Verification, but I was always distracted by the beauty I encountered here and it slipped my mind!

As for the "tower" ... I was just joking, or should I say, carrying the joke from blog to blog, lol.

Thanks for posting the information about the castle and the church and the festival ... I love it!!

Uma por Dia disse...

I Know that you are joking from blog to blog! Same for me about kissimmee lighthouse, I did know about the cowboy for previous posts **

George Townboy disse...


I'm dying laughing here!! I know you knew ... that was for everyone else!

I was simply going to ask, "Isn't that a castle tower?" LOL

Anónimo disse...

Se a menina quiser aparecer pelos lados aqui do cavalheiro, verás finalmente o que é a Deserta!

Mértola é linda, assim como as Minas de S. Domingos mais para riba!