quinta-feira, 5 de junho de 2008

The two Dolls at the window


and books for the next two days

Though the cultural anthropological system be
The lonely and unpopular
Might find the landscapes of their childhood marked out
Here, in the chaotic piles of souvenires.
(Fenton, "The Pitt Rivers Museum" 1983: 82)

4 comentários:

chrome3d disse...

I have to think about this.

cocabixinhos disse...

I assure you that it will give him reason!

George Townboy disse...

Awesome post!! I see the validity of the argument.

You take books the way I take vitamins - One A Day!! Does that translate to Uma Por Dia? LOL

cocabixinhos disse...

I knew that you would achiev it!

LOL. I dont read all these, just what I need to sustain my argument.
But The last week work was a UMA POR DIA issue!