domingo, 1 de junho de 2008

"o país de brandos costumes"


In a country of soft customs all protest and nobody does anything!

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George Townboy disse...

This is very interesting! This is spray painted on a wall in your neighborhood?

People gripe, but nobody does anything, and that's probably because they can't organize themselves into a political force, and the 'politicians' know that.

I heard today that the US has the lowest percentage turn-out for elections in democratic countries, so I guess the same applies here. People gripe but don't do anything about it because they don't see any hope in changing the status quo!

I like the cat, lol.

cocabixinhos disse...

It's called a stencil. Gripe is a big flu, and the "corvo" (the bird sibol of lisbon that I dont know how to translate) is refering to the birds flu: "Do the Corvos have flu?" he asks
"could it be from Carmona?" (Carmona was the Chairman of the Board at the time)

And the cat is sneezing :)

Here politicians change a lot! from democrats to socialists, socialists to democrats... but the flyes change and the s* remains the same! LOL