sábado, 7 de junho de 2008

Tuile Cookies Yum Yum!!

"Even if you don’t know what a tuile cookie is (pronounced “twill” or “tweel”), you’ve probably eaten them before. They’re delicate and sweet and often stuck into desserts, especially ice cream, at fancy restaurants. The great thing about tuile cookies is that they come out of the oven soft and pliable, allowing you to shape them whatever way you want before they cool and harden. They’re crisp and sweet and buttery–like the most delicate, most delicious ice cream cone you’ve ever had. In fact, ice cream cones are what got me thinking of tuile."


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George Townboy disse...

Mmmmm, this looks scrumptious!! Unfortunately, I've developed an allergy to strawberries!! This is an unbelievable turn of events, because I have always loved strawberry anything - ice cream, preserves, fresh, dipped in chocolate. What a cruel world sometimes!

cocabixinhos disse...

Yehh, cruel world! I coud live without strawberrys, but not without chocolate!
You eat the ice cream, me the strawberrys! LOL

It's getting hot in Lisbon, finally!

Texas Travelers disse...


Good looking

Thanks for the visit,

fishing guy disse...

Coca: My those look delisious, I would love to share.

Small City Scenes disse...

Thoses look fab. I want some now. I bet I could make them and June is Strawberry season her. Fresh is best. YUM!!! MB

cocabixinhos disse...

Click the link or the photo and visit the Yum Yum site!!
Make it MB and invite me please!!