sábado, 26 de abril de 2008

Árvore Monumental em Pedras D'el Rei

Oliveira com 2000 anos situada no aldeamento túristico de Pedras D'el Rei em Tavira. Árvore Monumental declarada árvore com interesse público. São precisos cinco homens para abraçar o seu tronco.

Olive tree with 2000 years old located in the resort of Pedras D'el Rei in Tavira, Algarve. Monumental Tree declared with the public interest, it takes five men to embrace his trunk.

4 comentários:

Abby disse...

Thanks for posting this tree. Olive trees mean a lot to me. I have never seen an olive tree this old, and I have always wondered. It is amazing how twisted and crazy that trunk is!

George Townboy disse...

That's awesome ... 2000 years old!! And quite beautiful in a strange kind of way.

Your posts are SO interesting!! And your photography is amazing ... I was shocked to hear you say you only started photography last December!

George Townboy disse...

You must have taken over a thousand pictures on your vacation .. maybe two thousand??

I'm glad you did, I'm really enjoying seeing where you went!

cocabixinhos disse...

Glad You liked Abby :)You may see her next time you come to Portugal.

Townboy: I think I bought a fiendly camera. When I finish classes I want to go and learn a bit of photography.
I dont know how many I took but I have a few ready to be post :)