sábado, 12 de abril de 2008

Manta Rota

The old nora

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George Townboy disse...

Interesting series of photos!

What was the machine used for?

Uma por Dia disse...

This machine used to draw water. A donkey walked around (iron in the last picture) And the gear was that the cans withdraw water of the well continuously (first picture)

George Townboy disse...

Ah, that's exactly what I thought it was (I didn't think about the donkey, though)!!

I thought maybe a big strong man whipped that gear around like it was nothing!!

Uma por Dia disse...

Big, stong and beautiful! lol

in the portuguese version they mencion the animals

George Townboy disse...

That's cool, thanks for the link.

LOL ... I never noticed that my little birdie was a redhead!!