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08 April, 2008

A "Jumeirah pillow"

What is the best way to get that extra special touch of personal room service when staying at a five star hotel? All is revealed in an article about the Jumeirah Carlton Tower:Just in case you need to know, there’s a coded way to ask for a prostitute. You phone the concierge and say: “Can I have another pillow?” This is embarrassing, because my wife is quite partial to an extra pillow. Which means I’ve often called down and asked for a prostitute to help her sleep. Having said that, they’ve only ever sent a pillow. Which is probably for the best.The writer of the article also finds plenty of call girls in the bar of Jumeirah's London property. Clearly a wonderful consistency of brand values across the portfolio.

2 comentários:

Champ Townboy disse...

OMG ... I ask for extra pillows all the time!! LOL

Not really, but this is funny and interesting!

Uma por Dia disse...

LOL, I think that it is only in UAE