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Madeira Island 07 Sep


















Trip to Porto Moniz and way back to the Hotel

Porto Moniz

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Porto Moniz

Region: Madeira Islands
District: Madeira Island
Population: 2,927 (2001)
Area: 80.4 km²
Density 36.41/km²
Altitude: Lowest: Atlantic Ocean
Centre: 336 m (1,105 ft)
Highest: 1,329 m
Number of parishes: 4

Porto Moniz is a town located in the northwestern part of the Madeira Islands. It is located W of Santana, W of Machico, and WNW of Funchal. It is linked with a road linking to Santana and to Funchal via Calheta.

The main source of industry are agriculture and fishing while a small number of businesses are in the downtown area.

Porto Moniz has a few schools, a few lyceums, a gymnasium, banks, a post office, a small port, beaches and squares or plazas (praças). It also has a large open-air swimming pool (piscina), which has been mostly formed out of natural rock pools.

Porto Moniz seen from the montainsThe parish has a population of 1,700 in 2001, its density is 81/km² and the area is 21 km². The parish includes the small settlement named Santa Maria Madalena west on the main road. The parish is southesat of Ponta do Tristão which is the northernmost point on the island. The elevation near the point is 332 m. A few hilltops are located southeast. The highest point is around 900 to 1,000 m. Ribeira da Janela which is one of the longest streams in all of Madeira is almost 2 km ESE. The mountain slopes are southward and forests are in the southern part. A small stream is located to the southwest. Farmlands are around Porto Moniz and Santa Maria Madalena.

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George Townboy disse...

Gorgeous scenery, awesome photos ... so beautiful. I love the one of the cacti, you framed that beautifully. And you even managed to get a couple of cow bums, lol.

Madeira seems like paradise! Thank you for taking the time to share it with blogland!

Small City Scenes disse...

So beautiful, coca. Every single photo is breathtaking. I love the terrs-cotta tiled houses and the beautiful blue of the water. Splash--I am in swimming. MB

Daniel J Santos disse...

fantástico, nem sei o que dizer mais...

Louis la Vache disse...

Spectacular series of photos!

"Louis" appreciates the photo of his cousins, too!

sonia a. mascaro disse...

Maravilhosas fotos e belíssimo lugar!

Anagarras disse...

Estas fotos estão muito fixes. Tiveste olho!

2sweetnsaxy disse...

What a beautiful, beautiful place. Wonderful photos. Again, my favorite is the view it the clouds through the mountains.

chrome3d disse...

Cactus on the shore, black mountains and clouds, there were so many goodies here. Don´t use them all goodies at once!

Marcos Santos disse...

Estou boquiaberto com essas imagens.
Que paraíso!